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  • Get unplugged and stay active to save energy and improve health and well-being!
  • Try daylighting your home by turning off the lights and opening the blinds.
  • Try preparing “energy-free” meals and avoid using appliances when not necessary.
  • Utilize power strips and smart power strips to reduce the “vampire energy” phenomenon.
  • Hang dry clothing on a clothesline and wash clothes in cold water to save energy doing laundry.
  • When shopping for new appliances check “Energy Guide” labels and look for “Energy Star” rated products.
  • Save on energy bills by getting rebates back from DTE Energy and Consumers Energy.


I’m a platypus.

Bill Buster
Bill Buster

First off, I’d like to clear one thing up: I’m a platypus.  And frankly I’m sick and tired of people mistaking me for some common water fowl! 

First off, I’d like to clear one thing up: I’m a platypus.  And frankly I’m sick and tired of people mistaking me for some common water fowl!  So as the story goes, a little scientific experiment gone wrong put me in a bit of a furry situation.  But I’ll have you know I wasn’t always like this.  The whole human-platypus thing I’ve got going on is as new to me as it is to the rest of this community.  I still hold on to some of my civilized ways, like reading the paper, and wearing clothes so don’t act alarmed when you see me standing in front of you in the grocery line, I’m just like you (well, sort of…).  

Now I know what you’re thinking…I chose the platypus in order to take advantage of their charming good looks. Well, you’re right!  But most importantly, I decided on the platypus because of their sixth sense ability to detect electrical currents, a.k.a., electroreception.  Among mammals, the platypus has one of the most acute electrical senses with nearly 40,000 receptors on its beak alone!  The only other mammal with this power is the dolphin.  But, unlike that overblown fish-whale, the platypus has mastered both land and sea.  So in a split second decision I determined that the only way to eliminate energy waste was to become the platypus.  My only advice to you: be careful what you ask for…

However, the ability to sense electrical currents, and a beaver tail to boot, has transformed me into a hybrid of energy saving wisdom and animal instincts!  I’m busting bills and taking names because in my eyes wasting energy is a serious offense and I won’t stand for it! You can’t ask a duck to do the job of a platypus, that’s messed up.

As the community’s new energy saving hero, I’ll be documenting my adventures so that you can help me in my pursuit to save energy.  I can’t do it alone, and my mates will be citing their exploits here as well.  Stay tuned for more Chronicles of Bill Buster!


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